• Do you have the right business model?
  • Can you attract traffic onto your site?
  • Can you make conversions?
  • Can you fulfill orders?
  • Can you provide suitable customer service overseas?

On the face of it, e-commerce seems like an easy way to reach international customers – you put your site up there, or you put your products and services into established channels and you have a “shop-window” to the world.

International (cross border) e-commerce is different - In reality, whilst you may get some business from this passive approach it is likely that you will be selling yourself (very) short and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

The ExportSavvy team have experience of both developing and delivering cross-border e-commerce and have conferred with a wide range of e-commerce businesses, professional consultants and commentators to identify the main challenges and to highlight some of the considerations that facilitate a scalable, sustainable and profitable cross border e-commerce operation.

This experience is currently being organised into an e-commerce programme that is due to be launched soon – register now and we can inform you when it is available.

New module - Coming soon.

This new module will help you to think through the challenges and develop some strategies to make your e-commerce business as effective as possible.