Plan an overseas business which is scalable, sustainable and profitable


1      What a plan is or should be - about building the business that you want, an expression of your leadership:

  • Considered - covers all the bases, maximises opportunity, minimises risk
  • Creative - captures your ideas
  • Structured - a place for all your thoughts to find their place as they grow and develop
  • Shared - Brings in other people’s ideas and expertise and creates direction


2 Export Planning with ExportSavvy:

A simple 8 point planning structure to guide you step by step:

6 Key Decisions:

  • Why?  Rationale, Priority and Objectives
  • What? Your Overseas Offer
  • Where? Your Target Markets
  • With what?  Your Resources
  • How? Your Route to Market and Business Model
  • Who? Your In-market Partners

Financial Strategy

Trading Strategy


How it works:

  • Each of the 8 planning points is broken down into two or three simple steps.
  • Each step is supported by a short video-based Tutorial to stimulate and inform your thinking. There are also relevant Checklists, Case Studies and Links to build your knowledge and insight.
  • You complete the short section at the end of each Tutorial to capture your conclusions and ideas.
  • Your conclusions and ideas are automatically inserted into a plan framework which organises and builds your plan for you.
  • It couldn’t be simpler. And you can review your plan at any time and edit it as many times as you want to.