What is ExportSavvy?

Why ExportSavvy?

You can………

  • Build your confidence – and that of your team.
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid frustrating mistakes
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce risk
  • Maximise potential
  • Enjoy yourself!

Who is it for?

If you are New To Export……………..

  • Understand what is involved.
  • Approach with confidence
  • Build a plan.
  • Get started!

If you have Some Export Experience………..

  • Check that you have covered all the essential bases
  • See how others do it.
  • Challenge and develop your own thinking.
  • Optimise your approach
  • Formalise your planning
  • Reinvent your business model
  • Involve and develop your team

What does ExportSavvy cover?

Choose a package to suit your requirement:

Export Essentials

  • Get Started – Establishing your rationale and strategic aims.
  • Shape Your Offer – Fine tuning an attractive international offering.
  • Choose Your Market – How to identify the best markets.
  • Resource Opportunity  – Managing resources for a sustainable, scalable and profitable business venture.
  • Access Markets – Choosing and fine-tuning the best route to market and international business model.
  • Find Partners– How to select the best Partners.
  • Plan Your Growth – Maximising your returns
  • Manage Trading Risks – Legal, Financial and Logistical considerations.

Masterclasses (coming soon!)

All of the Export Essentials Package – plus -

Doing Effective Business with Agents and Distributors:

  • Partner Profiling.
  • Partner Selection – Assessing Capacity and Capability.
  • Pitching To Partners.
  • Agreements and Contracts – what to consider.
  • Effective Channel Management  - Building Strong Relationships and Growing Motivation.

E-Commerce Strategies:

  • Choosing Your Approach
  • Driving Traffic
  • Converting Sales
  • International Fulfillment
  • International Customer Service

Coaching - Personal and Team Development  (coming soon!)

All of the Export Essentials and Masterclass Package contents – plus

  • Diagnostic
  • Subjects of Choice for individual, team and ultimately international business development


  • Six key considerations when exporting.
  • Shaping your international offer.
  • Choosing great markets.
  • A sustainable and scalable international business - Managing your resources
  • Effective business models for international trade.
  • Finding great partners
  • Making A Profit in International Trade.
  • Minimising Risks when trading overseas.

Networking Events 

  • 2 Day Export Strategy Workshop
  • Doing Effective Business with Agents and Distributors
  • E Commerce Strategies
  • Effective International Sales.
  • Building Sustainable and Scalable business models

How Does It Work In Practice?:

The ExportSavvy Portal

You and your colleagues can engage with the ExportSavvy portal in a way that is most comfortable, enjoyable and practical for you – you can use it as:

A framework within which you can organise and formalise your own ideas

  • The Road Ahead module outlines a framework of thought based around six key decisions that you will want to make.
  • “Create Your Plan” – allows you to build your business plan as you learn.  You can view it and print it off at any time.

A quick point of reference – to check that you have covered the essentials.

The “Checklist Store” has over 35 checklists categorised by subject that you can download and print.

A catalyst to develop your thinking

  • Experienced exporters share their ideas about specific subjects via video and case studies.
  • Each module will challenge your approach with searching questions.

A conduit to further specialist support

The “Specialist Help” section will signpost you to individuals and organisations who are experts in their own field so that you can find the best advice and cost effective support.

A training aid to develop specific skills

“Savvy Academy” is an environment in which you can brush up your skills in certain areas by simply selecting a topic and completing the module.

A team-building tool.

ExportSavvy can be used very effectively to develop a highly motivated team –

Get each member of the team to complete a specific module to get their opinion.

Meet and share ideas – or compile results – this gives you three things:

  1. Focus on a specific subject by each team member.
  2. The opportunity for each team member to contribute to the thinking – without peer group pressure.
  3. Motivation as all team members will feel that they have contributed.

A meeting preparation tool.

  • Get more value from your time invested in meetings - Whether meeting a trade advisor, or a lawyer, this you can brush up on the subject prior to the meeting, structure and start the conversation from a higher level.
  • You can use ExportSavvy as a template for meeting approach.


Watch a recorded webinar, or if you would like to interact and ask some questions register for one of our live broadcasts

Networking Events:

Your chance to meet members of the ExportSavvy team and other exporters and find out how they do things.  Members of the ExportSavvy team will facilitate a number of workshops over the course of the year.  If you are interested go to the events page, choose your event and register.

The Coaching:

  • The Coaching programme has been designed to have the most business development impact whilst minimising disruption to “business as usual”.
  • Personal coach is assigned to your account.
  • Basic business diagnostic is completed – including a SMART objective and identification of immediate challenges.
  • Coach draws up a programme from the diagnostic  - this is agreed with you as an appropriate agenda.
  • Business decides who will engage with the programme- this can be an individual, or a group.
  • Coach tasks the individual / group with personal development / business development activity.
  • Group / individual feeds back conclusions – coach assesses
  • Face To Face sessions - Coach uses face-to-face videoconference sessions to challenge thinking and acts as a catalyst for further thought development.  The coach will also signpost you to other specialist help – effecting introductions as appropriate.
  • At the end of each videoconference session further activity is set by the coach.
  • In between face-to-face sessions you can contact the coach should you have specific additional queries.

How long does it take?

As long as you want it to.

  • We understand that you are probably busy conducting business as usual, therefore we have tried to be practical - Each module has been designed to be completed in anything from 15 mins to about an hour – it just depends how you want to approach it, or how much thinking you want to do. 
  • In our experience you will get the most from the package if you give yourself space to think – and perhaps revisit certain subjects.  With this in mind a 12-month timescale is often sensible.
  • The Premium Coaching programme normally takes place over a 12 month period
  • Each month the coach will set a series of tasks for the team or individual to complete.
  • The coach can provide up to one hour of remote mentoring via e-mail or telephone in the month as required.
  • The coach can provide up to two hours of “face to face” coaching with the team via videoconference.
  • If the business would like to conclude the coaching sessions more swiftly (for example would like a face to face session every other week) then this can be arranged if the 12 month fee is paid in advance.*

*The 12-month package comprises up to a total of 24 hours of face to face coaching and 12 hours of remote mentoring.

How much does it cost?

There are a range of programmes to suit every budget – you can register for as little as £17* per month.

(plus VAT where applicable)