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Export Business Fundamentals

Why Export? How to create a sound rationale for your export business

The Road Ahead. How to organise your ‘export journey’

Communicating Your Offer. How to shape your product or service for an overseas market

Your Ideal Market. How to choose the right market for your business

Simple Desk Research. How to find low-cost information to support your decision-making

Setting an Objective. How to make sure your exporting effort is focused

Your Resources. How to analyse your resource requirements

Resourcing Growth. How to build your resource platform

Your Route to Market. How to create the export business model that is right for you

Protecting Your IP. How to protect your intellectual property overseas

Organising Your Ideas. How to plan your export success.

Making a Profit. How to make sure your overseas business is truly worthwhile

Language, Culture and International Business

Language, Culture and your Business Proposition. How to adapt your product or service for overseas markets

Language, Culture and Your Marketing and Communications. How to adapt your website and other communication for overseas markets

Language, Culture - Building Trust and Relationships. How to build successful relationships with overseas customers and partners

Logistical Considerations

Introduction to Logistical Considerations

Suitability. How to choose the right kind of provider

Managing Security. How to keep your goods safe

Managing Costs. How to get best value

Managing Responsibilities. How to make sure it is clear who will pay for what

Managing Administration. How to keep it simple

Digital Logistics. Considerations for digital businesses

Providing a Service - People. Considerations for service businesses